Our people

The research team at the AUT Networking and Security Research Centre consists of dedicated core members and more than 20 research students. Our researchers have diverse interests, from network communication protocols, cybersecurity, IoT security, big data modelling and tactile internet to telesurgery, wireless technologies, network sustainability and management, ubiquitous services, m-learning, and disaster communication.

Nurul Sarkar
Nurul Sarkar

Wireless networking, Cognitive radio, IoT and tactile internet, UAV Networks, Simulation and modelling, AI for wireless networks, network security, computer education

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Jairo Gutierrez
Jairo Gutierrez
Deputy Director

Computer networking, information security, telecommunications

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Krassie Petrova
Krassie Petrova

Information security, artificial intelligence applications, information and service systems, STEM education, health informatics

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 Raymond Lutui
Raymond Lutui

Research interests: network forensics, cybercrime, criminology, and mobile device forensics.

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Mee Loong (Bobby) Yang
Mee Loong (Bobby) Yang
Associate member

Cryptography, IoT security, cybersecurity, IPS/IDS, security protocols, network security

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Jack Xuejun Li
Jack Xuejun Li
Associate Member

Wireless networking, wireless sensor networks, wireless localisation, digital signal processing, radio frequency integrated circuits, system optimisation, machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Peter Chong
Peter Chong
Associate Member

Wireless/mobile communications systems including radio resource management, MANETs/VANETs, green radio networks, 5G-V2X networks, AI wireless networks and machine learning for human recognition and segmentation

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Our students and alumni

  • Alex Zhu
    Défense countermeasures against cyberattack of cloud computing
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Raymond Lutui
  • M. Kamruzzaman
    Interference mitigation strategies for D2D enabled next-generation heterogeneous cellular networks
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Vaibhav Harihar Fanibhare
    Analysing and Improving Round-Trip Time of Tactile Internet using Multilevel Cloud Structure
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Adnan Al-Anbuky
  • Mojgan Hafezi Fard
    Cognitive analytics for understanding of transfer of learning
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Nik Kasabov, Grace Wang
  • Aamer Anwer Hayat Khan
    Application of Machine Learning in IoT-based Elderly Care
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Sarita Pais
  • Nnamdi (Lloyd) Odengibo
    Applying an AI Approach to the Detection of Digital Payment Fraud
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Parma Nand
  • Hisham Alasad
    The Impact of the Contemporary Open Banking Strategies on the Social Construct of Banking Services
    Supervisors: Brian Cusack, Krassie Petrova
  • Sarada Hettiarachchi
    Secure and Scalable Software Defined Network Management for Horizontal Communications
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Aneri Kamal Patel
    Developing a safety-critical network framework for intelligent transportation systems
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Peter Chong
  • Ndukwe Ukeje
    Information Security and Privacy Challenges in Cloud-Based Computing: Government Approach
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Krassie Petrova
  • Mohammad Syfullah
    Decentralized virtualization and monitoring of a self-organized multi-agent mobile wireless sensor networks
    Supervisors: Adnan Al-Anbuky, William Liu
  • Amna Nisar
    Secure Flying Area Network (FANET) using Blockchain
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Xuejun Li
  • Sebastian Gil Parga
    Augmented Reality Classroom
    Supervisors: Stefan Marks, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Wilford Gibson LOL
    Review of I-GOV services in Vanuatu: A Service Science Perspective
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Sarita Pais
  • Deepika Mohan
    AI-assisted fall prevention for older adults
    Supervisors: Peter Chong, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Thar Htin Shar
    Social interactions and individual characteristics of stem students in computer-supported collaborative environments
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Stephen Thorpe
  • Rashid Mustafa
    A Cross-Layer Architecture for Secure IoT Applications
    Supervisor: Mahsa Mohaghegh, Nurul Sarkar
  • Sumendra Thakur
    A Cluster-Based Energy Efficient Routing Framework for Internet of Things
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar and Sira Yongchareon
  • Chunjiang Mei (MCIS)
    Privacy Protection in Machine Learning
    Supervisor: William Liu
  • Jiyu Ding (MCIS)
    Fake news detection
    William Liu
  • Zhi Chen (MCIS)
    Graph Neural Network Based Spatial-Temporal Traffic Flow Prediction
    Supervisor: William Liu
  • Tamer Magdi (MCIS)
    Medications Post-Dispensing Control System: Safe disposal, re-usability, side effects tracking, medication adherence and patients follow up
    Supervisor: Krassie Petrova
  • Paul Hayes (MISDF)
    Similarities, differences and implications of human behaviour relating to cybersecurity in a personal and work life context.
    Supervisor: Krassie Petrova
  • Jun Han (MCIS)
    Visualise danger zone by using mobile application to alert public while emergency or disaster occurs
    Supervisor: Krassie Petrova
  • Novy Mokobombang
    Designing Ecosystem Business models of Open Government Data and Data-Driven Companies
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Krassie Petrova
  • Noah (Fego) Oghenefego Ogwara PhD 2022
    Novel technique to enhance security in mobile cloud computing environment
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Bobby Yang, Steve G. MacDonell
  • Gaurav Pathak PhD 2022
    Authentication and Key Exchange using SDN controller in Internet of Things
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Saeed Rehman, Akbar Ghobakhlou
  • Md Masum Reza MISDF 2022
    Design of an enhanced lightweight security gateway protocol for the edge layer
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Anne Wendt PhD 2021Brain-inspired audio-visual information processing using spiking neural networksJ. Whalley
    K. Petrova
  • Rashmi Munjal PhD 2021
    A sustainable Infrastructure for Integrating Wireless and Wired Networks with QoS Constraint
    Supervisors: William Liu, Xuejun Li, J. Gutierrez
  • Salman Naseer  PhD 2021
    Vehicle Assisted Energy-efficient data dissemination framework
    Supervisors: William Liu, Nurul Sarkar
  • Nasir Faiaz MISDF 2021
    Exploring IEEE 802.11ax Gigabit Wi-Fi Security
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Gavin Millar MISDF 2021
    Developing a Scalpel and Foremost GUI
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Ruaia Kaburoro Ruaia  MCIS 2021
    Addressing Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing in the Pacific: Effective Contribution of Artificial Intelligence
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Brian Gonzales MISDF 2021
    Security Mechanisms over Delay Tolerant Infrastructures
    Supervisor: William Liu
  • Sergio Ernesto Vargas Cuellar MISDF 2021
    Privacy issues and digital forensic analysis for Smart Personal Assistants
    Supervisors: Bobby Yang, Wei Qi Yan
  • Yaribeth De La Rosa Mosley MISDF 2020
    Critical Analysis in Mobile Banking and Secure Transactions over the Internet
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Hanif M. Deylami PhD 2020
    A Migration Framework for Cloud Systems Integrity
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez, Roopak Sinha
  • William Caicedo-Torres PhD 2020
    A Deep-Learning Based System for Survival Prediction Inside the Intensive Care Unit
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Dave Parry
  • Hazim Jarrah PhD 2020
    Comparison-based system-level fault diagnosis in dynamic networks
    Supervisors: Peter Chong, Nurul Sarkar, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Fadi Al-Haddadin PhD 2020
    Privacy-aware cloud-based architecture for sharing healthcare information
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, William Liu
  • Bryce Coad PhD 2020
    Developing Cybersecurity Capability Forensic Risk Modelling for the Internet of Things
    Supervisors: Brian Cusack, Krassie Petrova
  • Mohammad Rajib Hasan MPhil 2020
    Ensemble Classifier Modelling for Dealing with Missing Values
    Supervisors: Ajit Narayanan, Nurul Sarkar
  • Yaribeth De La Rosa Mosley MISDF 2020
    Critical Analysis in Mobile Banking and Secure Transactions over the Internet
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Asish Thomas Kavitha MISDF 2019
    Monitoring and Storing of IoT Data in a Cloud using Long Range Communication (LoRa) Technology
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Elham Al-Tukruni MCIS 2019
    Teaching staff awareness and use of infographic technology in the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Allhanoof Faiz Alwaghid MISDF 2019
    A Study of Malware Behaviour of Webpages
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Shuaib Memon PhD 2019
    A Strict Quality of Service MAC Framework for Emergency Trafffic Wireless LANs
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkarand, Adnan Al-Anbuky
  • Nor Aida Binti Mahiddin PhD 2019
    MANET Performance Analysis Through Gateway and Routing Selection Schemes in Network Disaster Recovery
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkarand Brian Cusack
  • Syarifah Ezdiani PhD 2018
    An Adaptive Quality of Service for IoT-based Wireless Sensor Network
    Supervisors: Adnan Al-Anbuky, Nurul Sarkar
  • Emmanuel Ndashimye PhD 2018
    Achieving Quality of Service for Vehicle-to-
    Infrastructure Communication over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Jairo Gutierrez and Sayan Ray
  • Simon Xiang PhD 2018
    Trust-based routing for resilient and sustainable smart grid networks
    Supervisors: William Liu, Quan Bai, Adnan Al-Anbuky
  • Aminu Bello Usman PhD 2018
    Trust-based Protocols for Secure Collaborative Routing in Wireless Networks
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Quan Bai
  • David Airehrour PhD 2017
    A Trust-Based Routing Framework for the Internet of Things
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrez, Nurul Sarkar , Sayan Ray
  • Hassan Balfagih MCIS 2017
    A Study of the Impact of Mobile Devices on First-Year University Students
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Joe Mambu MCIS 2016
    Emergency Broadcast System – A Reverse 911 Tsunami Information Dissemination System Prototype: The case of Indonesia
    Supervisor: Jairo Gutierrez
  • Kaushik Chowdhury MPhil 2016
    Governing Networks of Collaborators to achieve Business Agility for IT-enabled Services
    Supervisors: Jairo Gutierrezand Krassie Petrova
  • Akbar Hossain PhD 2016
    Rendezvous in Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Adnan Al-Anbuky
  • Foysal Ahmed MCIS 2016
    A Feasibility Study of Wi-Fi-Based Vehicular Ad Hoc Network in the Westfield Shopping Mall Parking Lot using Field Trial Measurements and Simulation
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Yihua He MCIS 2015
    Procedural Game Environment Generation in Independent Game Development: Case Study and Simulation Approach
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Poonam Dhawale MCIS 2015
    Evaluating the feasibility of an intervention designed to monitor and promote physical activity in adolescents using a smart phone application
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Dave Parry , Scott Duncan
  • Raymond Paul Lutuii PhD 2015
    Forensics: A forensic investigation of Apple iUtilities
    Supervisors: Brian Cusack, Krassie Petrova
  • Wei Cui MCIS 2015
    Mobile entertainment services: an investigation of critical success factors applying a service science approachSupervisors: Krassie Petrova
  • Cyril Liu MCIS 2015
    Investigating the acceptability and adoption of the iPad as a note-taking and information device in meetings and elsewhere
    Supervisors: Dave Parry, Krassie Petrova
  • Mee Loong (Bobby) Yang PhD 2014
    Design and develop a framework for secure key distribution in wireless sensor networks
    Supervisors: Adnan Al-Anbuky, William Liu
  • Chikonga Maimbo MCIS 2014
    Investigating and evaluating the applicability of the SEIM technology in network and IT security operations
    Supervisors: Krassie Petrova, Wei Qi Yan
  • Asra Rahimi MCIS 2014
    Developing an application for an android tablet to help parents keep their children motivated for learning
    Supervisor: Krassie Petrova
  • Fadi Alhaddadin MCIS 2013
    Policy-Based network management for dependable cloud computing
    Supervisors: William Liu, Jairo Gutierrez
  • Chutiwan Rakjit MCIS 2013
    Cloud-based application for greening mobile devices
    Supervisors: William Liu, Jairo Gutierrez, Krassie Petrova
  • Simon Xiang MCIS 2013
    Trust based routing in SmartGrid communication networks
    Supervisors: William Liu, Quan Bai
    Master of Computer and Information Sciences, 2013
  • Amir Aghel Masjedi MCIS 2013
    A study on the performance of virtualisation programs
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Bing Luo MPhil 2013
    Energy aware routing in NGNs
    Supervisors: William Liu, Adnan Al-Anbuky
  • Raymond Yiwen Huang PhD 2013
    Measuring the success of multichannel mobile marketing through amalgamation between is success model and technology acceptance model: A Delphi study of mobile marketing success factors
    Supervisors: Stephen MacDonell, Krassie Petrova
  • Osman Mussa BCI(Honours) 2012
    An investigation of the impact of people movement on WLAN performance
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Roman Ammann MFIT 2012
    Network forensic readiness: a bottom-up approach for IPv6 networks
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Lillian Ho MCIS 2012
    An investigation of improving the traditional TCP over MANETs
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Kang (James) Byeon MCIS 2012
    Performance studies of IEEE 802.16-based mobile WiMax
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Burjiz Soorty BCIS(Honours) 2012
    An investigative study into vulnerability research and 0-Day exploits
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Tom Laurenson MFIT 2010
    Forensic data storage for wireless networks: a compliant architecture
    Supervisors: Brian Cusack, Nurul Sarkar
  • Wilford Gibson MCIS 2009
    An investigation of the impact of routing protocols on MANETs using simulation modelling
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Xiaomin Kuang (Anita) MCIS 2009
    Modelling and performance studies of integrated network scenarios in hospital environment
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Di (Henry) Wu MCIS 2009
    Performance studies of VoIP traffic over Ethernet LANs
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Syafnidar A. Halim MCIS 2007
    Exploring wireless network security in Auckland city through war walking field trips
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Cheng-Chung Lo (Eric) MCIS 2007
    An investigation of the impact of signal strength on Wi-Fi link throughput through propagation measurement
    Supervisor: Nurul Sarkar
  • Naveed Iqbal MCIS 2005
    Performance modelling and evaluation of intelligent search agents
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Russel Pears
  • Jason H. Lian MCIS 2004
    An improved media access control protocol for wireless LANs
    Supervisors: Nurul Sarkar, Krassie Petrova

Our collaborators

  • Associate Professor Fernando Beltran (University of Auckland)
  • Prof Winston Seah (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Professor Kevin Sowerby (University of Auckland)
  • Professor Suzanne Wilkinson (Massey University)
  • Dr David Airehrour (Unitec)
  • Prof Haitao Zhao (National University of Defence Technology, China)
  • Professor Salahuddin Zabir (National Institute of Technology, Japan).
  • Professor Abbas Jamalipour (University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Luca Chiaraviglio (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
  • Professor Antoine Bagula (University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
  • Professor Yezid Donoso (Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia)
  • Professor Dawn Medlin and Professor Sandra Vannoy (Appalachian State University, USA)
  • Dr. Anish Jindal (University of Durham, UK)
  • Associate Professor Sayan Ray (Taylor's University Malaysia)
  • Tonkin and Taylor Ltd.
  • IPStar NZ Ltd.
  • Vodafone NZ
  • TATA Communications Limited, India

Our expertise

We focus on solving real-life problems that are of interest to both industry and government bodies, and the wider research community. Find out more about our current research projects.

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