Network Protocol Design, Modelling, and Evaluation

The network protocol design, modelling, and evaluation (NP-DME) team undertake research in areas that cover a broad range of networking topics, including wireless communication networks, MANET/VANET/IoT/, QoS guarantee to life-saving emergency traffic, disaster communication networks, vehicular communications, and cloud/edge/fog-based networking,

The researchers in this team are globally recognised as leaders in the field and active in the international research community. We are interested in theoretical modelling and system analysis, and in advancing the field of practical performance measurements to solve real-world problems in the industry.

Research areas

  • Network design and optimisation
  • Access and routing protocols
  • Vehicular communications
  • Wi-Fi Emergency traffic
  • UAV Networks
  • Cognitive radio
  • 5G/6G, IoT, D2D, IPv6,

Research networks

The team has active collaborations with researchers from:

  • Prof Haitai Zhao, National University of Defence Technology, China
  • Professor Abbas Jamalipour, University of Sydney
  • Dr Anish Jindal, Durham University, UK
  • Professor Salahuddin Zabir, National Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Professor Song Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Current projects

  • Improving round-trip time of tactile internet using multilevel cloud structure
  • Interference mitigation strategies for D2D enabled next-generation heterogeneous cellular networks
  • Programmable and resilient IoT communication networks for smart grid
  • Scalable software-defined network framework for horizontal communications
  • A safety-critical network framework for intelligent transportation systems
  • Secure flying area network (FANET) using blockchain
  • Optimizing Cognitive IoT using a cross-layer design approach
  • Optimising UAV networks for B5G
  • A framework for a resilient communication system
  • Simulation credibility in cognitive IoT and 6G research
  • AI/Machine learning algorithms for autonomous UAV Networks
  • Developing tools and resources for computer science education