Network-based, mobile and ubiquitous services

This research area deals with network-based, mobile and ubiquitous services which form the basis of emerging business models for digital services. Network operators using next-generation networks have the potential to service users with cloud-based, edge provided services and Internet of Things configurations, creating new competitive models for secure ICT-enabled services.

Research areas

  • Network management
  • IP QoS
  • Business models
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile services and applications
  • Mobile health informatics
  • Information security

Research networks

  • Professor Yezid Donoso Meisel, Universidad de Los Andes
  • Associate Professor Fernando Beltran, University of Auckland
  • Dr Sayan Ray, Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Cloud Security Alliance

Current projects

  • Ecosystem business models for data-driven organisations using open government data
  • Information security and privacy challenges in cloud-based computing: A government perspective
  • Disaster zone visualisation
  • Self-organising health and wellbeing communities
  • Human behaviour and cybersecurity in a personal and work life context
  • Online defence model to detect cyberattacks in cyber critical infrastructures: Machine learning and cyber threat intelligence
  • 5G new radio coexist with Wi-Fi 6GHz Band: Unlicensed radio spectrum sharing through spectrum policy
  • Review of information systems in Vanuatu: A service science perspective
  • Medications post-dispensing control system: Safe disposal, re-usability, side effects tracking, medication adherence and patients follow-up
  • STEM students in computer-supported collaborative environments
  • Augmented reality classroom
  • Open banking strategies and services


Theme leaders

PhD students

  • Novy Mokobombang
  • Ndukwe Ukeje
  • Wilford Gibson Lol
  • Thar Htin Shar
  • Hisham Alasad
  • Sebastian Gil Parga
  • Yuri Andrea Pinto Rojas (Universidad de Los Andes)
  • Rasika Wattege (University of Auckland)

Master’s degree students

  • Paul Hayes
  • Jun Han
  • Tamer Magdi