Our research

Research at the AUT Networking and Security Research Centre addresses the most current and pertinent problems related to global network connectivity and management, and information and data protection in diverse environments.

We aim to inform the development and implementation of advanced and secure networks and systems, underpinned by the results of our research. Our work is published in highly ranked peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings, often in collaboration with international partners.

Network protocol design and modelling

Researching wireless communication networks, MANET/VANET/IoT/, QoS guarantee to life-saving emergency traffic.

Network and information security

Ensuring the security of the network infrastructure, the communication channels, computer systems and devices.

Mobile and ubiquitous services

Researching network-based, mobile and ubiquitous services as the basis of business models for digital services.

Disaster communication networks

Research including disaster resilient network protocol design, modelling, and performance evaluation.

Meet the team

Our researchers are widely recognised for their expertise in global network connectivity and management, and information and data protection.

Our people